Swiss McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Different from SwissAir


Love it! I love both Swissair and Swiss Int’l colouring scheme!


Looks great!

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Looks pretty cool with the condesation!

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Looks nice, I like the fog/stuff on the wings.

Absolutely breathtaking…

The vortices :)

Nobody in europe wants a crappy old tri-jet…

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How can you be sure?

Lmao someone’s upset Indonesia doesn’t use its flag’s colouring scheme eh😂

Wrong I’m European and I want it!

So you’re not a normal European

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Agree with you at 100000000000%

You are right 👌

Must need for IF

Wow so fantastic livery on this airplane.

Garuda used to use red and white, then they switched to blue.

I’d be so happy to see this. It was one of the first planes I flew on! :D