Swiss | LAX-ZRH | Boeing 777-300ER

Hey IFC!
I’ve been meaning to post a topic with this livery but for some reason I haven’t gotten the opportunity yet. Anyways, happy new year!

Server: Expert

Callsign: United 122VA

Route: Los Angeles KLAX - Zurich LSZH

Feast your eyes!
Our ride

Blasting out of LAX

Climbing high

Soaring about the mountains

Reached cruise


Descending into ZRH

So pretty here!

Final 16

Safe landing in ZRH!

Takeoff and Landing movie

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Wow. Fourth photo is stunning! Great photos!

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Zürich is always a great airport to fly into! My favorite shot is the 7th!

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Wow, amazing well done

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The 10th is my fav ! Can’t wait for the A333 to be reworked as well ^^

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One of my fav routes into Zurich. Great shots.


Nice Screenshots!

i really like this one 😍