SWISS International Virtual Airline Official Thread - Connecting the World Through Excellence.


Thank-you for your support everyone!


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Congrats on being approved good luck!


Congratulations Guys! Great Job


What a unique and nice looking thread! I definitely see this Virtual Airline succeeding!


Congratulations! Nice thread!


1 Day Update!

We have 12 active pilots and we have flown over 50 hours total as a VA already! Thank you to this community for the show of support and we hope to see you in the IF skies! Credit to @Aceorbit for this lovely photo.



Excellent thread guys! I can see a lot of success for you guys in the future!


would like to showcase one of it’s unique features: Scenarios

Scenario routes allow our pilots to fly in an immersive, realistic roleplay manager that enhances their experience at SIVA. Pilots fly a route at the exact time it is flown in real life, every detail replicated. They are randomly released at a rate of 2-3 per week, and the first pilot to claim it will fly it. Here is an example of what a scenario looks like:

Scenario Example

Today, pilot @Finley_Baverstock, callsign SIVA179 tackled a short scenario. Champion Ice Climber Angela Limbach had just returned from the second leg of the ice climbing World Cup in Beijing. She needed to get to Geneva from Zurich to have time to prepare for the third leg, and Finley stepped up to pilot flight LX2810 from LSZH-LSGG. Here is his trip report:

At Stand

Entering Runway 28



On Base Turn

Taxi to Stand

Full Flight Report (using In-Flight Operations)

(all photos credit to @Finley_Baverstock)

We are happy to report that Ms. Limbach was satisfied with this short flight and can’t wait to fly SWISS again. If you want the chance to fly a SIVA scenario, you can apply here:


We hope to see you soon!


in case of something being supposed to be btw the lines

At Stand

Entering Runway 28



On Base Turn

Taxi to Stand

Full Flight Report (using In-Flight Operations)

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I’ve also had an exceptional experience with the Swiss International VA Scenario System…

A Pilot’s Perspective: SIVA Scenarios

Departing Zurich

The Swiss International Virtual Airline’s Scenarios Programme provides users with the unique ability to bid on a realistic flight that correspond with real-life scenarios. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of virtually transporting Mark Carney from the World Economic Forum at my Zurich base back to his home in London. It was a beautiful flight, and I was rewarded with a 2x flight time multiplier for completing the special route.

Approaching London City

If you are considering joining the Virtual Airline, I strongly recommend that you do to access scenarios and other amazing features. I’d love to get the chance to fly with you!

Riley | SIVA274


Taxing to Parking in London


1 Week Update!

We now have an amazing 19 pilots who have a combined total of 393 hours flown across 153,000 nm, 101 flights logged and over 17,000 happy passengers. We flew our BAVA collaboration event yesterday evening which was a smooth success. Thanks for the continued support, IFC! See you up there!



Is it me or are these pics getting better I mean great job and great camera quality here


Try to ignore the full flaps though haha 📷;D

NonStop Virtual |Inspired by Lufthansa

i did make the apply for join


Hello! Your application is still being reviewed. Thank you for your patience.


thanks you very much

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would like to announce a new partnership with:

As of today, SWISS International Virtual Airline would like to announce a new codeshare and event partnership with @NonStop-Virtual (inspired by Lufthansa). Pilots will be able to fly 20 new Nonstop routes from Frankfurt and Munich, along with special Lufthansa Cargo routes each quarter of the year. Events using codeshared routes will also be held in the near future. Both VAs are excited to announce the beginning of this partnership and are optimistic about what the future will hold.

To a great future!


SWISS International VA is recruiting!

Staff Position - Public Relations Manager (PR) and Flight Supervisor (FS)

Our Operations Plan

Query is indefinite

Status - Open

Job requirements - (PR):

  • Posting photos to our Instagram account frequently (at least three times per week).
  • Responding to comments received on photos posted.
  • Updating our IFC Thread appropriately each week.
  • Flying at some SIVA events

Job requirements - (FS):

  • Approving PIReps recieved by pilots at least once a day.
  • Flying at some SIVA events
  • Some pilot mentoring and training on pilot’s demand

Additional Requirements (both roles):

  • You must be aged 15 or above.
  • You must be Grade 3 or above on Infinite Flight.
  • You must have an active Infinite Flight Pro Subscription or are expecting to get one promptly.
  • You must be in good standing with the IFVARB and IFC (Not be on the IFVARB Blacklist and have no prior suspensions from the IFC. Exceptions may be made on very rare occasions.

To apply, please send a PM to me, @Alfster, on the IFC.


Said staff positions are still open! Join us to be a part of one of the most professional and dedicated VAs in Infinite Flight!

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Hey, look at this amazing pic I managed to capture!!!