SWISS International Virtual Airline Official Thread - Connecting the World Through Excellence.

SWISS International VA Official IFC Thread.

We are IFVARB approved verification

Official Website


Opening Statement From Our President

I was extremely excited when I became President of SIVA. As I follow in the footsteps of a great leader and inspirational individual who I have learnt a lot from, I believe that SIVA will prosper into magnificence. Our best days lie ahead of us, and I look forward to establishing relationships with all of you, as we progress together to shape something incredible. We have a lot to offer as a VA, and I welcome you to check out our thread below.

Alfie Malik, President of Swiss International VA

Our Mission Statement

Read our mission statement below to find out more about our objectives as a VA.

Mission Statement

SWISS International VA has the goal of bringing unparalleled excellence to the Infinite Flight Community, whilst still maintaining the incredibly exciting and joyous aspects of a Virtual Airline Membership.

Everything we do is done with the utmost quality; a perfect representation of the excellence shown by the real-life Swiss Air Lines, and of Swiss design in general.

Our team is made up of dedicated staff who bring substantial experience in VA development and operations; thus allowing our pilots to reach new heights and experience a real-world airline through our immersive CrewCentre housed in our all-in-one website. We use real-life routes for Swiss and Edelweiss which consist of our 1000+ schedules which pilots are able to fly.


Our Team

At SWISS International VA we have the most dedicated staff team who have had previous management experience in the development and operations of other Virtual Airlines. Find a list of our incredible staff team below.

Current Staff List

Alfie Malik - President - @Alfster
Charlie Hindle - Vice President - @Chindle_1204
Beau Giles - SLT Advisor - @Beau_Giles
Amir Hussein - Digital Brand Director - @Amir_Hussein
Robert Xones - Human Resources Manager - @AExones
Daniel ‘Aceorbit’ Rilschi - Events Manager - @Aceorbit
Harvey Magee - House Events Manager - @Harvey_Magee


Our Codeshare Partners

At SWISS International VA, we pride ourselves in having already established codeshare routes with some of Infinite Flight’s leading and well-known Virtual Airlines. Our codeshares currently are as follows:

Etihad Virtual - @Amaar_Viqar - Etihad Virtual Thread
South African Virtual - @Owain_G - South African Virtual Thread
TAP Air Portugal Virtual - @Narruto_Mieumieu - TAP Air Portugal Virtual Thread
Singapore Virtual - @Transport_Hub - Singapore Virtual Thread
Non Stop Virtual - @OC212 - NSV Thread


Our Fleet and Destinations

SIVA Operate a wide range of fleet for our pilots to enjoy. This diverse list means that we have a great mixture of short haul and long haul routes, which are extremely accommodating to all members. We also emulate a database with over 1000+ real-life routes flown by Swiss and Edelweiss.

Fleet List

A318-100 - Operated by SwissPeak
A319-100 - Swiss
A320-200 - Swiss and Edelweiss
A321-200 - Swiss
A330-300 - Swiss and Edelweiss
A340-300 - Swiss and Edelweiss
B777-300ER - Swiss
TBM 930 - Operated by SwissPeak
Cessna Citation X - Operated by SwissPeak
MD-11 - Operated by SwissPeak
E190 - Operated by Swiss
DH8D - Operated by Swiss

More information about our fleet


Become a SWISS International VA Pilot

Pilots applying to join SWISS International VA are required to complete an application before joining. We operate on strong pilot expertise, so our minimum pilot requirements are relatively strict. Please review our entry requirements prior to application.

Our Entry Requirements
  • You must be aged 15 or above.
  • You must be Grade 3 or above on Infinite Flight.
  • You must have an active Infinite Flight Pro Subscription or are expecting to get one promptly.
  • You must be in good standing with the IFVARB and IFC (Not be on the IFVARB Blacklist and have no prior suspensions from the IFC. Exceptions may be made on very rare occasions.
  • You must be able to fly and log at least 3 flights per month.

Apply Today By Clicking Here!


Beautiful thread guys! Looking forward to working with you.


Please do not include the name of your own VA in a congratulations message, it’s basically self promotion. This has been brought up before.

Congratulations Swiss va, this is an excellent thread!


Nice looking and beautiful thread, congratulations guys!


I just took a look at your thread, and from what I can see you are can extremely dedicated virtual airline. That can be understood from the start of the thread (Presidents statement) till the end. As for your website, it’s stunning, That short video of a Swiss 777 mid Air really brightens it up. I can see the dedication and hard work you have put into this virtual airline and I wish you the best, I may consider joining.


Excellent thread, happy to be working with you guys!

Good to see my local country have a high class VA among its ranks again!


What a great looking thread! Congratulations on your opening :)


Exceptional looking thread, congratulations to your team!


Amazing thread! Best of luck for the future! Glad we have a partnership!


Congratulations Swiss VA. Nice looking thread and Website. Best of Luck in the future.


Nice to see a Swiss virtual back


On behalf of Etihad Virtual, we welcome SIVA to the VA community ! It is a great pleasure to be collaborating with you and I wish you all the best in your VAs growth and success!


Awesome thread! Great to see you guys emerge. I wish you guys all the best. Going into the future
I really like the country of Switzerland and Swiss Airlines so I have extra reasons to be happy about this:)


Having only been open for a few hours, we have already had 10 pilots join us! We truly can’t thank the community enough for all the support and great messages received here so far. Here’s to SIVA’s prosperous future. Cheers!



Congratulations! Welcome to the community Swiss Virtual :)


Great thread and awesome website you have there @SuisseVirtual…Best of luck to Swiss VA ;)


Fabulous job guys, congrats on certification :)


Thank-you for your support everyone!


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Congrats on being approved good luck!


Congratulations Guys! Great Job