Swiss(ing) off to LKPR

Hello all,
Firstly thanks to @Panther for great ATC at Zurich! Today I decided to fly from Zurich to Prague. Straight out departure or I would be in trouble if I did otherwise 😎. Really enjoyed the flight altogether.

Server: Expert
Time: 2hrs as I did a bit of flying around randomly for some reason πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
Route: Zurich -> Prague

Waiting in the line for takeoff. Conveniently big, medium, small.

After being cleared for takeoff runway 28 I rotated a few moments later.

Climbing up to 30000ft. Nice scenery below.

Landing at LKPR 30. Nice angle in my opinion.

Thanks for viewing please drop a comment below at your discretion.

Ultimate challenge… Does @Marc approve?


Nice route. Love that Swiss Aircraft 😍

Lol, I think I saw you. I was on the other side of rw 28.
Nice pictures😁

Thanks, I didn’t see you though plus I deleted the replay after getting these pictures. Hope you had a nice flight anyways :)

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Sometimes the A319 looked like a A220 to me lol !
Nice shots ✈️

Nice pictures @Ondrej πŸ‘Œ

Loving the Swiss Swish!

Some really nice pictures!

SWISS = Like

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Like my comment for SWISS001 !

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ok these are the best shots i seen today
good job
gimee da chez

i got some chez

Thanks all so far :)

Those are nice pics!