Swiss Grounds A220s

Swiss Airlines is temporary grounding all A220s while they preform engine inspections, it is currently unknown how long this will last.


A little bit of background:

In September, the Pratt & Whitney engines that powers the A220 and Embraer E2 190/95 received an airworthiness directive.

This directive was prompted by corrosion found on the high-pressure compressor (HPC) front hub, which could result in certain HPC front hubs cracking before reaching their published life limit.

Over the last months, three Swiss flights had to divert due to engine troubles, the last one this morning when a A220-300 from London City to Geneva has to divert to Paris.

The fleet is not grounded according to a SWISS spokesperson in Swiss media. However, every jet of the 29 A220-200/-300 has to go through an additional inspection now as a consequence to todays diversion. If it’s deemed fit to fly, it’ll return to service.


Well s*** darn it these are really cool aircraft sad they have to be put through additional inspection over a engine

Oh by the way @Marc I like your new profile picture


PW has had so many issues with the GTF’s… It’s really groundbreaking stuff but the growing pains have been quite the problem for them. Hope it all gets sorted-at first the E190E2 and A220’s had the more “reliable” of the GTF’s if you will-I didn’t read about the knife edge seal issues and other problems that the A21N and A20N models had at first.

Should I change the title then? Because I everything I can find says they are aren’t flying

Looks like one just landed and there’s a few in the air for Swiss, as well as Baltic doing a charter for Lufthansa it seems

In the states-it seems Delta’s whole fleet is airborne/active!

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Why did you copy what @virtualBlue said?

Because I forgot to log out of that account before posting on a non-VA related thread 🤷‍♂️

If I had a dollar for every time I had to do that, I’d be retired.

In addition-it seems like HB-JCA would be the one to watch here if it does a turn around out of Geneva… That will show if they’re all on the ground.

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The reports are a little bit contradicting. The version reported by Swiss media outlets like, or is that each and every plane will go through a thorough inspection. When it’s deemed fit to fly, it will return to the regular service. But of course, while no plane has go through this inspection, they’re all on the ground. I’d leave the title as it is for now 😊

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What version of FR24 do you have? That’s a lot of lines!

Yeah the mainstream media tends to get a lot wrong

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screaming intensifies


i knew it would happen eventually with the 220

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One of my favourite companies got it practically stolen off them and now it can’t even spread it wings 😥

Can you explain a bit? Sorry I don’t really understand what you mean…

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First 737-MAX, Now maybe possibly A220. Two airliners grounded in 2019

This is completely a different thing. Not even close to the 737 MAX


Bombardier CS100 > Airbus A220.

My favourite aircraft > ON DA TaRmaC

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But they still have problems, what I mean is that there have been many incidents in 2019 with many groundings. Sorry if I wasn’t clear

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I mean still this isn’t as bad as the MAX, I Really hope to see all these amazing birds back in the skies soon.