SWISS Flying Club | Cessna 172

SWISS Flying Club | Cessna 172

So with the Cessna 172 Rework being recently announced, I think it’s time to request a livery.

This is a Cessna 172 owned by the SWISS Flying Club. It’s a simple, but easy to recognise livery.

Information about the Aircraft

Registration: HB-CQM
Year Built: 1980
Flying in Switzerland since: November 1995
Owner: SWISS Flying Club
Home Base: Hausen am Albis - LSZN

Source: SWISS Flying Club

Minimalism is not a lack of something, its simply the perfect amount of something 🙂

Like it a lot!


I can just imagine this flying through the Alps during a blizzard, passing the majestic, fog-filled glaciers, blending in with the snowy environment and touching down in a small airfield with the Swiss flag shining on it’s magnificent tail!

You got my vote!

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With the CAP livery confirmed, I thought I would give this a small bump.

A picture of the aircraft in formation flight taken by my good friend Tom Luthi