Swiss “Fête des Vignerons” - A220-300

Swiss A220-300 “Fête des Vignerons” livery 🇨🇭

Hi IFC, Swiss is a very nice company and its special livery for 2019, the “Fête des Vignerons” livery!

Left face

Right face

Two picture approved by mods

About Swiss 🇨🇭

Swiss, called Swiss International Air Lines is a Switzerland airline, member of the Star Alliance, it has recently ordered and received A220-300s!
To mark the Fête des Vignerons of 2019, it has made a special livery, with drawings and written “La Fête des Vignerons” on the engines.

About the special livery

The registration of the livery is HB-JCA, this livery depicting was made by the artist from French-speaking Switzerland. With its spontaneous, colorful and festive style, the new livery captures the spirit of the Fête and draws its inspiration from the many features that make it so unique. Romand has also incorporated elements of the Swiss landscape such as Lake Geneva, vineyards, autumn leaves and of course grapes.

⚠ This is my last thread on “features”, I’ll stop here it was my third.
Many friends of mine find this livery sublime! I hope to see it!
Ciao, Bye!

misterATOMIC 👨‍✈️

@LKA Call all Swiss


I wouldn’t post any more feature requests for today. After that according to category rules, it’s considered spam :(

Atomic, my man, appreciate the effort but you’re walking on very thin ice. One more request and it would be a disaster between you and the mods.

@GreenFire @Alexander_Nikitin i have read.


Let me guess we’re in that a220 v a330 talk right

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I can’t imagine the 3d design artists would have a fun time trying to make this. Regardless, if the A220 wins the poll, I hope this one makes the cut.

It’s true that it might be hard, however the Baltic one is easier, but the 3D Artists can also make this livery just like the one of “Air China - 737-700” which looks like the same style of livery.
I hope so too.


Wouldn’t be amazing to have this livery ?
If yes, let’s vote for it then ^^
:o 🇨🇭🇨🇭
I just voted for it btw.
Please vote !

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Why are we tagging a bunch of random people?

No random, swiss people

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All of them are living in Switzerland (exept Julian) and (maybe) knowing the meaning of « fête des vignerons » as me. I think they love this livery.


Yes i was hoping someone would post this!


Swiss is the ideal partner and above all an airline company for “Fête de Vignerons” ! (Winegrowers party)

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I thought about posting it a long time ago, and I thought, why not today?


got my vote, nothing else to add… such a nice livery


You have my vote. Lovely livery


You might have forgotten the other Wing Brother 👀

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look at this ! Amazing wow !!! 😍😍✨

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Bro, omg how did I forget… damn… I swear I was about to tag you, I’m tired maybe lol. 😩.

Update : no you were already tagged lol, look ^^ !
I didn’t forget you at all , I checked it again :p

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