Swiss Event @ KONT - 182100ZMAR16

Some are already airborne. We meet at KSAN :)

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I have some spare time, thought I’d join


Saw you :) Meet you at KSAN :)

I think its best we taxi to the cargo stands in KSAN…

iPad Air is not very capable anymore,
Ha to reboot few times, i am not even online now, hope tobe soon, but i will fly from Tijiana then…

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I don’t think I’m going to make it. Battery is about to die and I don’t have a charger nearby!

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Spawn at ksan :D

It totally lags…

Air !! …

I am shocked

Isn’t the air supposed to be powerful? Works fine on my iPhone 5S

We are in position for a photo shoot at KSAN


It got wayy too laggy on final so I struggled on landing then quit

Swiss invasion in KONT


i’m here :)

@Yna just landed!


It’s already ended???
Why can’t I see any Swiss diliveries ???its weird

We are in KSAN

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Haha PG is just funny!!

hi thank you so much for join to my Event.


I cant’s see any Swiss aircrafts on infinite application
No one not even a little one I checked every type of aircraft😩