Swiss Event @ KONT - 182100ZMAR16

Thank you so much for join to this Event. i had made an photo shoot in KONT.
i hope you fly again with me in an Event. :)


I certainly will!

Happy landings!

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if it’s 2200 swiss local time it’s gotta be 2100Z in the title. Can you confirm which time you mean: 2200Z or 2200 local swiss time?

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I would take that as 2200 Swiss time so 2100 Zulu time. Also the event starts at KONT so I’m putting that in the title unless the author gives us more info. Sounds like a good event though!

I will be there too!! I think he meant 2200 swisstime!:)


Will be there aswell!

@grxninesix @Yna @Nick_Art @Theo__h @Silu_Ott Anyone else of you? :)


I will probably come!)

Though 2100Z is midnight (0000) local. 😕

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I might join at 22:15

Just changed to 2100Z. to avoid confusion
He said 22h00 local time, 2100Z.

ill be there 😎

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starting soon :)

Loads of LX here :D

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Shall I be ATC on playground you guys ?

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just crushed by A330

Wanna start?

“Sam Johnson” is already there.

watch post here :)

We hold short 26R and wait

Please wait for me!!
Connection issue + one more issue
Swiss 327