Swiss cheese and other things

heyy guys, i haven’t posted a S&V topic in a while and i've been flying a bit lately and took some photos and of course you know the pictures are gonna be edited because why not, anyways expert server because im like that, the routes are alot and several different infinite flight aircrafts and flight time?🤷‍♂️ because it too much math to add up flight time anyways here are the photoss!!

if I’m being honest The b737-800 is in my top 5 favorite aircraft, the copa airlines livery looks real nice on it!

oooo the Avianca a320 i havent flown the a320 Avianca in real life but i have flown the avianca a321 from KIAD to MSLP it sucks that they not using the a321.

Qatar, air Canada, Korean air and swiss cheese

dont ever land a ryanair plane while you’re in a car just saying, i was trying to make it smooth landing while i was in the car but you know ryanair dont do “smooth landings”

e175 american eagle over richmond!!

Unitedblue spotted at KLAX

im not gonna lie but i actually wanna fly the a319 so badly it just so prefect especially with the American airlines livery

Emirates, Emirates and lastly Emirates

anyways thats all the pictures hope you like the pictures bye guys✌️ swiss cheese. awesome sauce


These photos are incredible! They’d be good to have in-game for loading screens etc.

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Awesome photos right there , congratulations Sir !

Continue that excellent work !

Greetings from my LH 320 waiting for his return to FRA from CDG !


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They are so insanely realistic! If you wanted to, you could submit them to be a loading screen (as @Elliott2 suggested) on the Infinite Flight Discord server, under the “Submissions” tab.

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Thank youu!!!

i shouldd imma submit one later today

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are they edited?

yes they are edited

False fact, I can say it since I’ve seen one in front of me (the pilot have probably been fired after this incident 😂)

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They retired all the A321 irl sadly

no way bro i like the avianca livery on the a321

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Yeah they retired them and even the newer NEO got retired too :(

Nice photos!!

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Incredible photos, truly very scenic, maybe try an airBaltic a220?

i didnt even know they use the neo

Awesome photos!

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