SWISS B777-300ER arrival date

Great news swiss people!
The first Swiss B77W is scheduled to arrive on the later morning of the 29th (Friday) of January in Zurich. It’ll have the reg HB-JNA. I suppose observation deck entry on the Zurich Airport will be free again (like it was for the CS100s arrival).

It’s until now just an estimated date by Boeing and Swiss and is possible to change.



Do you have a link? I’ll be on the tarmac again then :D

Estimated arrival year of Delta 788 2020-2022. :( Delta been putting off and needs to replace those old 767’s. PS: Delta is my favorite airline after American Airlines


you lucky bastard you… the link is to a zrh news page that requires password :P In February or January there will be also a cathay A359 coming to Zurich ;)

Oh okey :) Thanks nevertheless!

Switzerland loves its Avgeeks😄.

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