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Celebrating an updated Zurich Airport

The Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team (IFAET) showed us once again how amazingly skilled they are when it comes to airport editing.

One of the newly updated airports on the list happened to be LSZH, the largest airport of Switzerland. And being Swiss myself, I obviously had to accept the invitation of @Moritz to do a little flight from there, admiring the new work!

The flight preparation was perfect teamwork. I planned the departure from Zurich, Moritz set up the arrival at his home airport in Munich.

Flight Details
Airplane Moritz: Lufthansa A320
Me: SWISS A321
Server Expert

We departed from Zurich using the DEGES 2W RNAV departure. You depart Runway 28 and make an immediate left turn that’ll take you back over the airport via the KLO VOR. From there you proceed to DEGES.

The flight itself took us over the beautiful Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany. From there we started our descent and spontaneously decided to do a parallel approach. Moritz landed on RWY 08L, I took 08R. And it was worth it:

Thank you IFAET for your fantastic work! Have a good day or night everybody!


Nice photos here, and it’s cool you got to fly with @Moritz too. Hope to see the amazing work of the IFAET at PANC, I’ve heard it’s updated too.


Very nice photos! I bet you were happy with the new update! Love the parallel landing!


Very nice photos - very good choice on the parallel approach idea