Swiss Alps: St. Moritz Fly-Out @ LSZS - 161900ZFEB20

Grand St. Moritz Fly-Out - General Aviation

St. Moritz is thoroughly cosmopolitan. The Alpine resort is blend of glamour, lifestyle, sport, and pristine nature outshines even the world’s greatest cities. Breathtaking landscapes meet culinary extravagance, high-class events, luxury, and design to create a uniquely exclusive lifestyle that can only be found in St. Moritz.

At an elevation of 1,707 meters (5,600 ft), its airport is the second-highest general aviation airfield in Europe and also considered as one of the most challenging airports in the world because of its difficult topography and winds, and because of the thinness of the air at its altitude. The alpine airport does not have any scheduled passenger flights. Much of its traffic consists of light to heavy general aviation traffic, including many private-corporate jets and private propeller aircraft. Occasionally you can catch sight of private owned Boeing 737s or Airbus A320s during the busy winter season.

Event Specifics

Date and time - 2020-02-16T19:00:00Z
Server - Expert Server
Livery - General Aviation

List of Aircraft

Normal Aircraft: Bombardier CRJ-200, Bombardier CRJ-700, Cessna 172, Cessna 208 Caravan, Cessna Citation X, Cirrus SR22, CubCrafters XCub, Daher TBM-930.

Only by arrangement due to lack of space: Airbus A318-100, Airbus A319-100, Airbus A320-200, Airbus A321-200, Boeing 717-200, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-700 BBJ, Bombardier CRJ-1000, Bombardier Dash-8 Q400, Embraer E170, Embraer E175, Embraer E190, Embraer E195.


Airport - LSZS Samedan

Gates (respectively Remote Stands)

|Starting Location|Destination ICAO|Aircraft|Destination city|IFC name|
| — | — | — | — | — | — |
|Jet 01|LSZB|Bombardier CRJ-200|Bern|@philippe_gilbert|
|Jet 02|LSZB|Bombardier CRJ-200|Bern|@jakub_astary|
|Jet 03|LOWI|Cessna Citation X|Vienna|@Rocco|
|Jet 04|EHAM|Cessna Citation X|Amsterdam|@emiel_l|
|Jet 05|EGNT|Cessna Citation X|Newcastle|@BANDAR_HZ1BSH|
|Jet 06|EDDF|Cessna Citation X|Frankfurt|@okcflight86|
|Jet 07|LFSB|Bombardier CRJ-200|Basel|@Nick_Wing|
|Jet 08|LOWI|Cessna Citation X|Innsbruck|@Manav_Suri|
|Jet 09|LOWI|Cessna Citation X|Innsbruck|@Aviation-21|
|Jet 10|LFMD|Bombardier CRJ-200|Cannes|@FrancescoM|
|Winter 01|LFPG|Airbus A318-100|Paris|@Krypton|
|Winter 03|LFMN|Airbus A318-100|Nice|@SunDown|
|Winter 05|KSTL|Boeing 737-700 BBJ|St. Louis|@United2|
|Winter 07|LIRJ|Daher TBM-930|Elba|@Aceorbit|
|Winter 08|LIRJ|Daher TBM-930|Elba|@PC12PILOT|
|Winter 09|EGLC|Cessna Citation X|London|@contrailer|
|Winter 10|LSGG|Bombardier CRJ-200|Geneva|@SUPPA_FROG
|GA Ramp 1|UUEE|Daher TBM-930|Moscow|@ThomasThePro|
|GA Ramp 2|EDLK|Cirrus SR22|Krefeld|@marcelschmidt|
|GA Ramp 3|EGPN|Daher TBM-930|Dundee|@Skyler.Cooper|


The takeoff generally requires the spooling up of engines, with brakes on, to minimize the time on the runway while maximizing as much speed possible.


A big thank you to @Beniamino who will provide air traffic control during the event. Since there is IFATC, you must follow all the instructions given to you. Not following IFATC instructions, may result in ghosting.

Sign-ups are currently closed. Keep in mind that in all probability not every participant will join the event; thus you may be able to partake without assigning. Please consider following remote stands as prohibited during the event due to large aircraft positioned in this sector: Winter 02, Winter 04 and Winter 06.

A few hours prior departure you will receive a reminder updating you with important information.

Spawn at your assigned gate 10-15 minutes before departure time to take pictures! You are not allowed to pushback at the same time as the plane next to you. To sign up, mention your gate respectively remote stand, destination ICAO and aircraft. Please note that GA Ramps are only for the following aircraft: Cessna 172, Cirrus SR22, CubCrafters XCub, Daher TBM-930. And last but not least, have fun!

Since this is my first event please do not hesitate on giving me constructive criticism.


Me and @Jakub_Astary will take two jet stands for Bern (LSZB). We will fly with the CRJ-200.


You’re signed up! It will be a great pleasure to welcome you two!

Can I have a citation X to EHAM please?

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Your’re signed up! Thank you for joining!

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@Rocco Awesome event thread!

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Book me on a 208 to Interlaken. Thanks


Thank you so much! You’re signed up!

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Great thanks. Hope to have an awesome event!

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Just flew a citation from LSZS to LOWI. Quick trip but narrow. Fun little left base entrance after a steep descent down wind.

Please save me a spot with a citation to EDDM. Thank you!


What a pleasure! You’re signed up!


Please do not hesitate in contacting me if questions occur. Let us try to fill the airport of Samedan!

I’ll gladly join this great event and will fly the C172 to Birrfeld.

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Thank you very much for participating! Going to be a great event!

I’ll take Jet 08 in a CCX to LSZH.

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I take a CRJ-200 to Nice LFMN if able, Jet 08 would do it I think
Some expensive Shopping in Monaco haha


I’d love to be in event can you chose a random gate for me

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@Captain_Merka and @SunDown: I added you two! Thank you very much for joining.

Of course @SUPPA_FROG! Please tell me your destination ICAO and aircraft and I will select a gate for you.

I’ll use a CRJ-200 to Geneva (LSGG)

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