Swiss Airlines Questions

This July, I am flying to Zurich with I think Swiss airlines, likely on their 777 or possibly A330. I know their old meal service was great, with plenty to eat, but I’m sure it has changed since Covid started. So, I have a few questions I will list below.

~ Do all planes have universal power outlets?

~ How good is the recline?

~ Has the meal service changer? If so, to what?

~ An extra, what’s a good seat in Economy?

If you guys have answers to these questions, please let me know below. I think these questions answered would really help out. Thanks!

In the A330 there are some seats with a TV box beneath them (marked in the seat map on the website), which I would avoid. Otherwise the B777 has a 2-4-2 configuration in the last two rows, which are a bit closer to the galley and toilets which is a negative, but probably more private depending on the group size you travel with.
Link to the seat map of the A330:

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One more thing, between the 777, A330, and A340, which would you pick for Swiss?

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I have only flown short-haul with SWISS so-far, but the A330 has a 2-4-2 configuration as opposed to the 3-4-3 of the B777. On the other hand the B777 is the flagship of the fleet and has the most modern cabin product, albeit the A330s isn’t too bad from what I know either :)

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