SWISS Airbus A340-300

@Captain_Skywalker have requested the “Hippy” livery
So, i request now only the basic livery :)
Didn’t see any topic with SWR A343 normal livery. Sorry if duplicate :)


That’s not the basic livery is it?, I wasn’t aware of the writing in the engine cowling and before the Swiss logo

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I mean “basic livery” instead of the Hippy livery

You know the rules man, one picture per request.

This is a fantastic request though!

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Please add this beauty <3

I love the swiss livery (as you already know) :)

That is the basic livery;) Swiss just redesigned it in 2011;) U may know the new one.

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Thank you very much @MishaCamp. :)

This is a must have!

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