Swiss A220 Amsterdam-Zürich EHAM-LSZH

As most of y’all know, the Airbus A220 is out!
This was my first A220 flight, with a lot more to come :).

Server: Expert
Livery: Swiss Airlines
Grade: 4
Flighttime: 1 hour 10 minutes

Loading up at Schiphol Airport with the updated tower in the back!

Smooth Take-off with Schiphol in the background

Cruising over East-Belgium

Cockpit view over France

Nearing runway 14 after a busy ATC guidance over Switzerland

Landing at runway 14 with a Swiss 777 in the back, landing was a bit off center. But not bad for a first landing.

Parked at the gate as seen from a waiting pushback truck.

I hope you enjoyed, what was your favourite?


Holy moly! How are you already done with a flight… I barely took off


Does it fly good? Nice pictures!

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What’s your device, update doesn’t seem to be out for me yet even though App Store says it is

I use the Samsung Galaxy A51

It does, very pretty and smooth to fly.
Landings are new though and need to be done at a lower speed than usual for me, so more attention needed for now.


Android has the update pretty fast, and as soon as it installed I started from EHAM.

Do you have it already?

Yes just got it

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