Swiss 777 Training in Palma

This was quite cool to see. Swiss sent their new 777-300 down to Palma de Mallorca (where I’m based) for training on the new fleet. Awesome seeing such a big aircraft doing patterns at an airport where small airliners account for most of the traffic.

Didn’t get a pic sadly, camera was at home… but plenty of pattern action caught on FlightRadar24 (my real world LiveFlight competitor) ;)


This is indeed pretty cool.
I’ve seen Ryanair 737s doing patterns at EGNX quite a few times.

Wow haha, wish you luck on that.

Nice! They have a training aircraft (-700) based there I believe?

Some of the reactions were amusing to say the least:

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Lucky me, I have done that on A320/330/380 :D


Nope, they use random 737-800s.

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They only have the 737-800 in their fleet.

@B767fan Google thinks different ;)

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Wow! Well thank you! Never knew that. Although they use the -800 at EGNX.

Just found a pic of her.


Palma’s a nice airport, been there already.


I’ve seen some props near KJFK for training. The airfield is called Floyd Bennett Field

I thought only NYPD helis and the Grumman Goose and other museum aircraft were based there. They still offer T&G, flight school/training type ops?

I think so. I still see (and hear) many when I plane sport and JFK

That’s funny, hahaha.

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