Swiss 777 to Dubai

A few screenshots of a recent flight with the Swiss 77W between Zurich and Dubai on the expert server. Having taken off late morning and arriving into OMDB just as the sun was setting, it made for some lovely light on all the aircraft around the field.

Hope you all enjoy!


I have to say, the SWISS livery on the 777 is one of my fav liveries on any aircraft


Great photos! Love the overhead one with all the Emirates aircraft.

All of these picture are beatiful

Amazing shots!

Love the third photo!

The 5th one of my fav

Great photos now imagine those pictures when the 777 is reworked

Great shots!

Damn these are awesome! Takeoff shot is by far my favorite. Looks so real, apart from the lack of truck tilt.

Awesome! Fantastic!

How beautiful these photos are man.I really like them.🤩

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Nice shots!