Swiss 777 into Heathrow?

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I was just wondering how realistic it is too fly a Swiss 777 into Heathrow from Zurich. I’ve seen picture online of Swiss 777’s at Heathrow and was wondering how often and why Swiss does this.

I consider any flight that happened at least once in real life realistic. And I’d assume a Swiss B777 would fly into Heathrow due to high demand. A lot of European carriers fly wide bodies into Heathrow on short hauls because of how much demand is there.


I can imagine it happening rather frequently. If there is enough demand (which there probably is pre covid) then it makes way more sense to fly a 77W once than an A320 3 times…


LX318/319 was a daily scheduled 77W service from ZRH-LHR


They were flown for pilot training

Same with Zurich to Geneva (a 20min flight)


I mean, the B777 is reworked and amazing so they take it instead of an A321 or A330 which are used to do this route when there is high demand IRL, so can we really blame them for it ? :x

Maybe to replace the A330 they used the B777 in IF.

If the A330 gets reworked we’ll maybe see the A330 do this flight in IF, as IRL :p !

And what said Q-ENAN is true, I used to see B77W in Geneva* on route to Zurich when they were training, Geneva, London et other cities were used for the same reason, which is training.

*amazing to hear + see it in front of me btw ahah,
I really enjoyed it !



Well i did that flight once due to a Youtube video showing a Swiss 77W about to land onto Heathrow.

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You can use this as an excuse to fly a heavy on any flight in IF lol

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Well it works everytime lol

“Well yeah lets fly an Airbus A380 for a pilot training around the airport.”

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It happens sometimes.

Mostly the Reason is Pilot Line Training to give Pilots more Opportunities to training on a new Airframe. Since the Zurich-London Route is a highly requested route, they sometimes send the 777 on this Route becaise it gives more Turnarounds than on a longhaul and the Plane usually still gets filled


Adding on what has been said, the B777 was/is also used at times due to the high cargo demand (as are the A330/340s) on the LHR route.


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