Swiss 777 damaged by airstairs in São Paulo

Swiss 777 damaged by airstairs in São Paulo

On Tuesday, October 20th, one of Swiss’s 777-300ER’s was hit on the wing and damaged by airstairs in São Paulo, Brazil. The incident ocurred because, according to witnesses, winds during a thunderstorm pushed the stairs to the wing.

The aircraft involved:

The aircraft on the incident was HB-JNK, Swiss’s second newest 777-300ER on the fleet of 12 of the aircraft. Because of the incident, the aircraft had to stay in São Paulo for repairs, causing the cancellation of multiple flights, including the return flight to Zurich. According to RadarBox, the aircraft is still in São Paulo.

How could winds push airstairs?

According to SimpleFlying, airstairs which are similar to the one involved in the incident have about 1.5 tons, and airstars of that size would require very strong winds to be pushed, and, according to news articles and to me, as a São Paulo resident, there weren’t strong enough winds… Except if ground crew forgot to engage the airstairs’s breaks. What probably happened is that the ground crew forgot to engage the brakes on the airstairs, and as the stairs have wheels, the small wind was enough to push the airstairs to the wing.

Here are some images of the incident:


Swiss: Buys a brand new 777-300ER with 320 Million USD.

Airstair: Hits wing of 320 million USD airplane

Swiss: That wasn’t supposed to happen


Hopefully they’ll fix it if able.

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I love Brazil

There is a 777-300ER maintenance hangar on the airport because LATAM has the aircraft, however it might be EXPENSIVE.

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Only Brazilians can deal with Brazil


True, Brazilians/Us are the only ones who can handle Brazil

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This’ll be expensive

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Yep, A LOT

@GBKarp let’s go to GRU and see a damaged 777 😂

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I have an important school test tomorrow, but as it finishes at noon, I’ll go after that ;-)

Well…that’s unfortunate…but kinda funny at the same time.


100% true

Quite literally

SMH. The Ground Handlers had



LOL, thats funny

@MJP_27 thats what I call BrAzIl

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Swiss 777: exists


So true, but the ground crew was so dumb

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Hopefully not too severe damage, but still difficult to fix, especially in the current situation of travel restrictions and so on.

SWISS and Lufthansa Group have a huge maintenance network though and I believe -JNK will be back soon in service!


Thus the Latam maintenance hangar at GRU, and Latam Brasil has 777-300ERs