Swiss 777-300ER Landing in Iqaluit

A Swiss 777 made a smooth and safe emergency landing in Iqaluit, Nunavut after sustaining an engine failure. This beast of an aircraft is not your usual sighting in Canada’s frigid Arctic!


I saw that as I was reading the news this morning. Here are the informations SWISS posted on their official Twitter acount. The pilots did a great job! :)

If anyone is interested to have a look at their formation, watch the video below! #flySWISS


That’s crazy! It’s a new aircraft aswell


It still happens a lot weirdly!


As always good action by the pilots and of course as safety is any flight’s primary concern I think that the crew made the right decision.


Great decision glad everyone and the 777 are okay

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Good call. Don’t want to risk the other one going.

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They built a heated tent around the engine to fix it!

On last Saturday an Antonov 124 delivered an engine to replace the failed unit. Crews from General Electric and SWISS have been working on the 777 engine replacement inside of an insulated and heated tent. A single engine, according to online aviation sites, costs about $24 million. The aircraft landed back in ZRH two days ago and it should be on service today after further investigation in Zurich. Here are some of tweets including pictures and videos I selected just for you. :)^tfw

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It was magnetic material found in the oil. Doesnt matter how old the aircraft is if you put bad oil into the engine it will have a problem.

Can someone correct the title please. There’s meant to be an L in iqaluit.

Yes but that’s known only after, at the time we didn’t know that and that’s pretty rare nowadays isn’t it. They try to prevent this in many ways so it’s crazy that it can still happen

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