SWISS 777-300ER at ZRH (HB-JNA)

Hello! I spotted the SWISS 777-300ER (HB-JNA) at ZRH. What’s your opinion about this aircraft? Do you like the “Faces of SWISS” livery? Comment!

SWISS 777-300ER taking off from RWY28 at ZRH

Taxiing to runway 28 for takeoff

“Faces of SWISS”

777 crossing RWY28 after landing at ZRH

Pushback in front of the tower

All pictures taken by me at ZRH.


Wow !
Amazing photos you’ve taken !

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Thanks a lot @CaptainDawud ! 😀

Your Welcome :)

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I’ve spotted her as well several times, she truly is a beauty and I would love to fly her in IF :D


No matter what they put on that livery it’s still beautiful :)


Me too :) @Captain_Joel

I would love to travel with her too. Thanks for the nice comment @AmericanAirlines !

Yes, I agree with you. @IceBlue

Absolutely amazing pictures. To be honest I would have liked to see the first B777 to have the regular livery, and then put a special livery on maybe the second or third plane. It is a nice livery though :)

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Thanks a lot @Aviationluver ! HB-JNA (the first 777 from SWISS) has the “Faces of SWISS” livery. HB-JNB (the second 777) has the “normal livery”. The other seven 777 won’t have special liveries. If you want I can post other pictures of HB-JNB this time (without the faces).

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yes please do that :)

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