Swiss 4 from a hazy SoCal sunset to a breezy Zürich

Swiss 4 from KLAX-LSZH
Expert Server, flight time of 9 hours and 48 minutes

Pushing Back from LAX as an AA 77W pulls in from Hong Kong Lifting off out of LA as the sun goes below the horizon Starting our Northeast turn toward Europe Flying over Western Europe at flight level 360 Descending over the hills of Switzerland Approaching a breezy Zürich Touchdown after almost 10 hours image At the gate next to @WesleyHenrich after his 11 hour flight from Sao Paulo


Nice photos, but how breezy was Zurich?

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Great photos! I love Zurich. Such a nice airport, been there many times!

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20 knot crosswinds, not too breezy but enough to make a little bit of a difference