Swipe to change instruments set


Ok, why pic?? I’m bored!!! Wouldn’t it be nice to change complete instruments set? For ex. Customise instruments sets for Departure,Cruise,Arrival then swipe to change it to whichever leg you’re flying? Also can we have more instruments, like fuels in gallon, engine RPM, Frequency tuned-in…so we can see which frequency we’re on without pressing ATC button. Any thoughts.


I agree @GatwickGuy, we need this. For obvious reasons I have to change through many different instruments. And that’s complicated when you have an iPhone 5S and big fingers, anyway I support you! Great Idea!


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Yep, I like it.


Very great idea, I love it!


Yeah it’s a good idea


Great idea!




I like the idea to. It’s hard to imagine without the help of the pictures you provided, it might get closed for not following the category guidelines though


Closed? Why, where is the problem with that topic?


Feature suggestions are now allowed to contain pictures. The suggestion itself should be descriptive enough


Oh, okay! Thanks for the answer!


The Rortos flight engine in one app has a swipe function from flight to weapons. Very cool. Would be good to have something similar in IF, maybe not weapons (then again…hmmm) yep probably not weapons, but definitely a place to put additional systems and functions like refuelling, active fuel and weight, weather charts, you name it, certainly it gives room to move, and that is always a good thing.