Swiftlings_06's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @LEBL

Hey, if anyone is available, I’m training for IFATC and want to practice sequencing. So come by and do some patterns at Barcelona LEBL

Departure runway:25L
Arrival runway:25R
Airport status: Closed


I could come and fly some pattern but you aren’t open currently

Yes I was just having lunch

I’ll open now
My username is Matthew Swift

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IFGA-27 A320 Vueling

Where can I see the ceiling of my airspace?

airport ceiling going up to 5,000 AAL

You were going at less than 70kts so I thought you were done

I‘ll will explain everything when I finish

Ok thank you

I was G-PAPA and here is my feedback:

  • transition was on right height
  • I was on left crosswind 25L and I got a pattern entry for 25R. It’s not wrong but 25L would be closer and if there were traffic much saver! A controller should use all runways and if there isn’t much traffic (like now) just use all runways for landing and departing since we can ask for runway change and challenge you more
  • after I touched down for the touch and go and reached 60kts you told me to exit runway. That’s right! If I am cleared for the option I can also make a full stop so your command was totally right. But after you saw I took of again just send „disregard last message“ and not „I’m sorry“
  • then I asked for a change to runway 20. You gave me a right pattern entry but cleared me to land?! But why? I didn’t announce a full stop or something else. Also you didn’t tell me if runway 20 is left or right traffic. That’s really important when changing a runway.
  • after you cleared me to land I landed and was under 60kts but received the „exit runway“ command way too late when I was already on the taxiway. It should given at 70kts or when then aircraft is stable on ground. Many people think it’s 60kts but that’s wrong.

I also noticed some small errors for the other aircrafts but that should be his feedback :)

60 knots is also acceptable as it varies from aircraft to aricraft. An exit runway command is always given at a safe and controlled speed, and that varies from aircraft to aircraft. A C208 could do 60 knots on final.

Yeah that’s right but everybody think it’s official at 60kts. It’s 70kts.

And I know not every aircraft should get it at 70kts that’s why I wrote that below. But in my case: I was an A318 approaching with 180kts (way too fast) but he gave me the command when I already exited the runway. But it’s still not wrong giving it at 60kts!

Ok thanks for feedback and for helping me out

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Are you free now?

And if you’re wondering why I approached that fast: I thought runway 20 and 25L are crossed so I waited for a go around but I noticed later they aren’t crossed :)

I’m free if u want for round 2
I’d like to train more.

I understand lol, I’m on my way for a few minutes flying

Ok I’ll open now

Oh I should’ve looked you were on a parking that doesn’t need pushback

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