Swiftlings_06’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ LEPA

Hey there, I’m training for IFATC, so that when I pass written I can go to practical without a problem. So come by for some patterns at Palma de Mallorca, if there could be more than 5 pilots that’d be great, to practice sequencing.

Dep runways: 24’s
Airport status: Open
Aircraft: any of your preference

Feedback would be great!

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This is awesome 🙌🙌🙌. If I can’t make it today I’ll be sure to join over the weekend!
Happy Flying :D

Edit: what happened to your old thread?

Oh I just keep changing airports cause I want more variety, so I can train to different variables like mountains and altitude of airport

I’ll keep this thread for a while

Hi Swiftling’s if you didn’t know I was N121WS your atc was top notch on the ground! You kept the flow of traffic and responded to both my go around and runway change really well! However the go around was not a test! It was because you didn’t clear me! You gave me the right downwind instructions and that’s it, not clearance. You also gave me the exit runway instruction at 40 kias that’s too late, I know I wasn’t near an exit however you should have still messaged it. And finally your responses did seem to be quite delayed and not very quick I’d recommend controlling airports like EGLL where you are put under pressure to respond just to quicken giving people commands. Overall a good session well done 👍.
Happy Flying :D

Hey, thanks for the feedback, yes I noticed I didn’t clear you so sorry about that, and about the exit runway command, what was your landing speed? Cause it’s normally below 60kts for a Cessna, so I wanted to give you more time to stop.

Ye around 60kts that’s absolutely fine just for the test remember clear around that speed! Well done 👍.

Yep will do! Are you IFATC?

Great! I will be sure to join

I wish! No not yet at least. But I’ve read a few other threads!

Is this on Training?

is this open right now?

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Yes it is @TestFlight009

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Alright, I’m coming over!


Okay thanks


I’m spawning in

Alright Im in

Hey sry but I’ll have to leave now, I can wait until you land @TestFlight009, I will probably be open tmrw too so

If you have any feedback I’d love to hear it!

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You did really great!

Thanks! Although it was only 1 pattern. I’ll open tmrw around same time maybe so if u want you can pop by and fly