SwiftAir Boeing 757-200F

SwiftAir Boeing 757-200

Hello there, as the B757 is being reworked it’s the time to add some new liveries. I know a lot of people is suggesting new ones, but nobody did it with this livery.

What is SwiftAir?

Swiftair S.A. is an airline headquartered in Madrid, Spain. It operates scheduled and charter, passenger and cargo flights in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Its main base is Madrid–Barajas Airport.


The airline was founded in 1986. It wholly owns subsidiary Mediterranean Air Freight. Currently Swiftair is also a United Nations contractor for the United Nations Mission in Sudan.[citation needed] Swiftair has selected the Boeing 737-300F (converted freighter) from Bedek Aviation (Israel Aerospace Industries) as the basis of its future European freighter fleet. The first aircraft was delivered in May 2007 on lease from AWAS. In April 2020 they incorporate the B757-200F (EC-NIV).

It performs commercial and cargo flights in Europe (Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, England, Scotland, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Malta, Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Poland, Albania and Greece) and Africa (Morocco, Senegal, Algeria, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Togo, Nigeria, Sudan, Mali, Ghana)


Do you think it should be added? Vote if you want another cargo airline in IF!!

It would be cool to fly from Madrid to Warsaw in the 75F!

Out of votes, but has my support! Hope to see it in 21.1!

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