Swift Air (Eastern Airlines livery) Boeing 737-800

Swift Airlines Boeing 737 [N276EA] Landing in Cleveland, OH
Source of Image: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8902593

About Swift Air

Swift Airlines is a Charter airlines based at the Phoenix-Sky Harbor International airport in Phoenix, AZ. They fly everywhere Domestically and internationally to Canada, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Why this Airline livery should be added into Infinite Flight

In Infinite Flight, we only have two major Charter Airlines: Atlas Air and Omni Air. I feel like we need more charter airlines in Infinite Flight, such as Swift Air and so people can fly smaller charter airplanes to wherever they desire instead of using the Generic Livery.
I’d also like this livery due to the fact it was once owned by Eastern Airlines. They unfortunately never started Commercial Service, only Charter.

Swift Air Boeing 737-800 Data

Registration: N276EA
Manufacture: Boeing Inc
Built: November 2006
Line Number: 2115
Engines: 2x CFM56-7
Age: 12.3yrs old as of this post

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Lovely looking livery. Never seen this one before. :)

Bumping this so that people can see and appreciate this beautiful livery by Swift Air (USA Charter)

It looks nice, but I don’t see temporary liveries being added to IF. Maybe former liveries, but not temporary hybrids.