Swerve on Takeoff

Crosswinds are my worst enemy, not on landing, but actually on takeoff. If there is any sort of crosswind exceeding 4knts at all, I tend to swerve as I rotate off the ground. I tried turning off auto-coordination, but that did absolutely nothing. What am I doing wrong? I don’t think it’s a rotation speed error, because the flights I’m on are always on the ground for a second or two after Vr. Please help!

(There’s probably bounties of errors in this, don’t judge me, typing on a tiny phone with autocorrect is hard…)



Sounds like you need to apply some rudder to counter act the crosswinds :)


This is what the rudder is used for! Also, ensure you calibrate before takeoff and disengaging autopilot and you should be good to go!

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The airplane crabs into the wind. Use rudder to straighten the flight path and direction you are facing. NAV will keep the crab once in the air

Use that rudder accordingly! That is what it is for and can be your best friend once you have it down pat , also good for landings …

If wind moves to the left, the plane will go to the right and vice versa. I think it’s optimal to move your rudder to the direction of the wind to maintain that centerline.

Also on smaller planes like a C208 before V1 you want to hold the yoke to the left more with more wind less on less wind.


Oh, duh!

Why didn’t I think of that?? Welp, you can close this now, thanks for the help!

Just flag your post :)

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Its those pesky tails and wind…