Sweet Summer in St. Thomas

St. Thomas is one of my favorite places on this planet! Filled with beautiful beaches, food, culture, and nature, it is truly a spectacular place with a stunning and specific approach. Join us for some early summer fun at TIST, currently being edited by @Ethan_Brown! The time was picked on purpose to be a few hours before @Prestoni’s The Los Angeles to Portland B-Day Group Flight 19JUN24, so I hope you can make it to both!

Gate: Destination: Airline: Aircraft: Pilot:
01 New York-JFK American A319
02 Charlotte American A321 @Bay_Area_Aviation
03 Miami American B738 (MAX if available) @MAviationYT
04 Dallas Fort-Worth American A319 @Ethan_Brown
05 Atlanta Delta 757-200 @deltaoutofdca
06 Atlanta Delta 757-200 @Prestoni
07 Atlanta Delta 757-200 @Olivia12
08 Chicago O’Hare United B738
09 Newark United B737
10 San Juan Generic B738 @AmericanB772
11 San Juan Jetblue E190 @United403

01 | VistaJet: CL35 | Miami Executive | @AnotherPilot77
02 | NetJets: CL35 | Westchester
03 | C172 | Scenic Flight
04 | CL35 | San Juan
05 | C208 | Scenic Flight
06 | C208 Sint Maarten

Ground: @Delta174J
Tower: @Delta174J

  • Follow ALL ATC instructions.
  • I am not responsible for any violations recieved.
  • Be kind and respectful.
  • Have fun!

The GA table is not working, my apologizes. Does anyone know the issue with it here?

Anyway, let’s get some sign-ups!

Just remove the extra space between the |Gate|Airline| etc. and the |—|—|

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Ended up just doing a non-table. Thanks though @Butter575! Would you like to sign-up?

I’ll take this

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Great, happy birthday!

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I’ll take this but in the e190

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I’ll take this but it is supposed to be the A319 It’s a seasonal route only on Saturdays

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I rushed to get this.

@Delta174J I actually wanted ATL. Can you switch me?

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We could do it together!

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Crazy thing is I lived there

06 Atlanta Delta 757-200

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Sorry, I did!

You are signed up.

I did, sorry.

Sure, I can get you down for 05 to Atlanta.

This is taken, though I can put yo7 down for another gate to fly with @Prestoni and @deltaoutofdca.

Everybody is signed up! Make sure to check out all of my other events.

@Mort we have a Sun Country in there for you. :)

That’s awesome! Do you want to reserve a gate?