Sweet As Peach

I know nobody likes Pink (almost) but I came to give attention to this underrated airline which looks pretty nice in the A320 and it’s from japan and I know it has those high mountains across


Flight Time: 00:45
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200 (Peach Aviation)
Server: Expert

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Congratulations on flying Peach Aviation! (Real biased statement)
I love all the pictures, I think @AlphaWings will love these even more :)


yeah i love these pics 😍

this airline is truly underrated


These are amazing! Awesome job on the 3rd one, in fact, awesome job on all of these, @GameBoy_KIRB!

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Peach has such a beautiful livery. One of my favorites. Was planning on flying Fukuoka to Osaka today but I didn’t have much time.

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@ran I’m sure he would Peach has some cool livery
@AlphaWings Same mate
@Butter_Boi Thanks! I’m glad you liked my edits
@Lucas_Piedra Oh cool hopefully you plan it again in the future


Fun Fact: Peach is actually a low cost carrier and parented by All nippon airways

peach in blue looks quite beautiful

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oh yea it turned it out liked that to look cool

amazing shot at 2nd! great edit! Congrats

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Im glad you liked the editing skills

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