Sweeping wings on the F-14

Not sure if I’m missing something here or not, but can you not control the sweeping wings on the F-14? Is it only controlled by dropping 5 degrees of flaps??


Yup, if you drop Flaps 5, the wings open up. You can’t drop flaps and be at the swept position

Well, I was wanting to open the wings without having to drop the flaps.

After 5 degrees flaps, the wings don’t spread any further :)

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Yes. You can only open the wings by using flaps.


This is what I was wondering. Weird that it’s done like that! Still fun to fly though.

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Why don’t you like it? The realism goes into everything.

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Never said I didn’t like it. The real F-14 isn’t like that, but I’m not complaining, just curious if I missed another way to open/close the wings!

It is faster if they close as it’s more aerodynamic

Oh sorry, I misread your post

You can like use it as a F-15 with flaps 5 xD

Personally I use the F-14 as an alternative to the F-15SG for my case :P

I have been flying with 5 degree of flaps when I want the wings open.

Actually in the future the devs could re-work it and add a button for opening the wings :)

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