Swedish Coast Guard Dash8 Q-300

Source: [spoiler]http://www.hallekis.com/arkiv2/xx061006c.htm[/spoiler]
The Coast Guard has replaced its CASA C.212s with three new Bombardier Dash 8 Q-300 aircraft numbered KBV 501, 502 and 503rd. The new DASH 8 Maritime Surveillance Aircraft currently were modified by Field Aviation in Toronto, Canada. Coast Guard Aviation Home base is Skavsta Airport in Nyköping. Surveillance and reconnaissance flights are conducted along the Swedish coast and Vänern and lake year round, day or night. Additional regular international assignments are also flown as needed.

Except we don’t have the Q300 though…


I know we don’t have but I hope 🤞 the DV will add one day.

Really nice plane. But the Q100/200 series should come at the same time

I like it I think the colors look nice on it

I know and it makes me sad )):

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