Swearing On The Job As A Pilot?

Hey, IFC,

This has made me wonder quite recently. A lot of us swear obviously not on IFC but in real life, myself included.

I want to be an airline pilot as my future career. Let’s say I become an airline pilot and I work in the cockpit. Now, let’s say something goes wrong AP for example. Now, if something bad happens to us, we naturally swear, so…

Would it be fine for pilots to swear in the cockpit? Whether it be an emergency or casual talk.


Let’s say I’m having a conversation with my fellow colleague in the cockpit. Would I be allowed to say something like “I was so **ckin stupid last night.”?


Bert (KSJC)

Btw, I have seen pilots swear before but idk if there is any new rule since then. I also don’t know if those pilots have been fired from their jobs or not. I also searched IFC and there was no duplicate.


I would guess it’s probably not a good idea to swear, in case you have a sticky mic for example. Always good to stay professional.


Cockpit convos are so bad lol now do it over the radio you’ll end up on YouTube and the FCC will be talkin to you lol


Would it be fine for you to swear in an office? No! Same goes for pilots. People might get offended and start an argument.

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First off, you absolutely love using the hidden spoilers thing almost to the point it’s too distracting to enjoy your post (just some feedback don’t kill me)

Second off, swearing in most professions is not professional therefore I don’t think pilots should. You wouldn’t want your bus driver cussing at you or your waitress or your boss. Same rules apply.


I mean when you talk casually mostly. Obviously, I wouldn’t swear when talking to ATC, but what about when I casually talk with my fellow pilot while we are in cruise and have nothing to do?

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Judging from others’ stories, I would avoid it unless circumstances allow it. If you are about to crash or something like that, I doubt the white collars are going to give a d*mn and start getting on you about that, especially if you saved all the passengers and/or the hull.
Other than that I would try to avoid it, usually “in cruise” if you are talking to them, you can have outside conversations, but as others have said, try to keep it professional and clean.

Remember, the last thing you could possibly want to happen is for you to get in trouble or even terminated because of an uncontrolled mouth-keep that in mind :)

Yeah, like occasions where you are basically doing nothing and your plane is in cruise and you want to talk to your fellow pilot in a casual conversation.

Would you be able to swear in that type of conversation?

Normal convo? Eh.

Extreme circumstances:Yeah. It’s a way for most people to react to unexpected thigs

I honestly hope not. Even when I’m with my coworkers in the backgroom with no one else around…it’s still a job and these people are coworkers. It’s not polite to use profanity to the extreme.

If the co-pilot/s don’t mind, then yeah it’s all good in the hood. But do note that the flight data recorder will capture your powerful words.

I mean we won’t swear like sailors XD

Especially if your collegue is a friend of yours, say my fellow pilot is a friend of mine. Swearing would be natural. I don’t swear a lot to those I don’t know if at all but I do swear a lot to my close friends.

It all depends on who is with you. If the person you’re talking to is ok with it, then there’s no problem there. However, acting professional when talking to the cabin and ATC is important, so don’t cuss when you’re talking to them.

@IFATC_Andrew @Erj145 thoughts on this?

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Ive talked with pilots in the cockpit preflight as a passenger and we have sworn. Ive even had one with an FA in front of other passengers. In the cockpit I have good information that when the door is shut and it isnt over the intercom or with ATC you are fine.

A Gold star to anyone who can guess which airline I had the swearing with the pilots and the FA

Personally for me, I’m not okay with swearing. Maybe the old fashioned way I grew up. But to me, swearing is useless jargon inserted into a conversation. If you took it out, nothing would change. It’s pointless and I know that may seem harsh but it’s true.

Other people have the right to disagree. Thank goodness this is America and right of speech haha. If you disagree that’s perfectly fine.

Having a vocabulary full of sentence enhancers is a must. Like everything, there is a time and place.

That being said, pilots and airmen have filthy mouths once you get into industry. You’re in the real world now, fellas, people “cuss”.


Define swearing?

Usage of offensive language right? Now define that?

What I am trying to say is any word or words could become swear words

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One of my teachers says that people who cuss only cuss because they don’t have an expanded vocabulary and aren’t very smart.
Now, we might all cuss in emergency situations. Sure, I get that.
I wouldn’t cuss in a professional aspect while at a job, no matter who I’m talking to.
Just some things to keep in mind.

Ok, so you don’t like swearing. That is your opinion. But my question was "Is it allowed in the cockpit, especially during casual conversations when nothing out of the ordinary is going on?"

I don’t want opinions. I want FACTS.