SWAviator’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey y’all

This is my ATC tracking thread!

I’ll be posting to announce when I am open or closed on training server ATC, as well as what airport I’m serving.

See you in the sky!


Currently open at PANC for the next few minutes

Pattern work allowed

Any realistically sized aircraft, preferably jets or turboprops


Sorry won’t be able to make it but if you open in the next 1:30 I’ll can probably come, just tag me!!

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Thanks for letting me know!

Unfortunately I can’t open again today but I’ll still let you know the next time I can!


Alright… have a good one

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Hey @SWAviator I was (OK-LOL) and here is my feedback

  • The transition was too high at 3,000ft, it should have been 2, 500feet. The formula is 2,500feet + airport elevation then round it up to the nearest 500.

  • The exit runway was late, it should be at around 70-80 knots.

Otherwise, great job! Feel free to tag me next time you open!

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Awesome, thanks!

Yeah I’m still new to the transitions, so thanks for the formula!

As for the runway exit, I was taught around 60 but 70-80 also makes sense, so thanks for the tip 👍 👌


You’re welcome, I am glad I could help have a nice rest of your day/night 😊

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To be fair the elevation irl is 151 feet which makes it 2651 (rounded to 3,000) 😉

I understand it’s different in IF though 😂


Thanks, you too


It’s really what the controller prefers at this point, you just don’t wanna go below 60 or above 80 I personally prefer 70-60kts more so… I wouldn’t say you were wrong there.

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Howdy y’all

I’m open again at KDFW!

@BT_HANDLES i am open now if you want to stop by :)


@AviatorRyan the ground isn’t loading for me so imma have to go out and back in but I’ll be back in a second after I clear you to taxi


Hey there I’ll be giving feedback just give me a quick sec!

Feedback :D

Great Session! But there are just a couple things from me!

  1. While telling an aircraft to pushback make sure to tell them what runway they will be pushback so the aircraft knows where to stop kinda like this.

“G-BLUE Pushback Approved. Expect Runway (Any).”

  1. While I was exiting the runway. Maybe just next time, (You don’t have to this every time but here is an example)

“G-BLUE Exit runway when able. Cross runway (Whatever runway) and contact ground on the taxiway.”

All in All Great session my friend! I hope to see you as a ATC controller some day! Just a bit more practice and studying! And you’ll get there in no time!

I’m also a recruitment for IFATC! So who knows maybe we’ll both be controllers some day!

Whew that was a lot! Have a great Day/Night @SWAviator! Tag me next time you are open!
Until then cya!


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Thanks for coming and thanks for the tip!


@SWAviator Still open?

@SWAviator Please don’t forget to update your title when you are closed!

Oof, sorry about that, thanks for the reminder


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