Swarm of bees delay A319 for over 3 hours

Bees, they produce one of the world’s worst things to get on your fingers, honey. However, on Sunday these flying insects prevented a commercial airliner from getting in the air.

Two failed takeoff attempts due to unrelated reasons initially delayed the Air India A319 aircraft bound for Agartala, India and it was forced to return to the gate. At the gate, the bees swarmed on the left cockpit window. Cabin crew noticed the large swarm when high profile passengers from a Bangladeshi delegation wanted to get off the jet to make other arrangements, however, they were stuck inside as it took over 3 hours for the fire service to arrive and spray water on the aircraft to get rid of the bees. Passengers complained due to little information being passed through to them, branding it “unprofessional”. The flight took off at 12:56 pm over 3 hours later than the scheduled time of 09:50 am

VT-SCC, the aircraft involved in the incident full image credit

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I guess the passengers weren’t happy that there flight was beelayed.


Too good mate!

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I reckon the queen bee was on the plane and the others then flocked to the window.

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