Swapping from Android phone to tablet, on the same account


I want to switch from using IF from phone to tablet (Samsung Galaxy 8). I’ve logged out my phone. Try log in on tablet. I know I’m using right password (facebook account), But it’s showing two error messages: error logging in, invalid credentials, and then no subscription found.

Can anyone help?


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Maybe is your Facebook account problem;) Contact Facebook to try to solve the problem.

Nope. It works well on the phone.

Stupid, but Galaxy Tab 8 runs on an old version of android 4.X, which is why it is incompatible with latest version of IF. Sucks!

that might be why you cant log in


Help us, help you!

Pretty sure that’s just another problem. If it’s incompatible, there’s really no point in using it for Infinite Flight. Can you switch back to the S8?

It’s actually the problem… the old version of Infinite Flight doesn’t support the new account structure used in the more recent versions :)

Thanks, I thought so. Must update Android version, but don’t know how.

That’s good to know. I’ve never thought about it. Now we know why he couldn’t log in.

Can you do me a favour and specify exactly which Samsung Galaxy Tab you have? Tab 8 has brought up several different results.
It will allow me to hopefully give you a step by step updating your tablet, however what with it running Android 4x, I wouldn’t expect it to be very good with IF at all, thats also assuming it’s 64bit and supports the correct open GL version…

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Hi. It’s a samsung galaxy note 8


Great if you can help in any way.


I know what model phone you have, it’s the tablet I was referring to. You were planning to switch to the tablet correct?

That is the tablet.

I think you’re a little confused. The tablet is a Samsung Tab 8…

This is a Note 8:

Anyway, by the looks of things, the tablet will not support global at all, so it’s not worth trying to run it.


thanks. I might have to root the tablet and upgrade android.

Regardless of whether you root and update, the tablet with still not support Infinite Flight Global. It’s not just software, the hardware on your tablet is not powerful enough to handle the sim

Oh really? Phew. Glad you said that. How do you know? Where do you see that?


I looked on the Samsung website you linked for me… I’ve evaluated enough devices now to be able to say whether they will or will not run IF based purely on their specs… And a 1.6ghz quad core tablet isn’t going to cut it 😉

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oK, thanks.

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