SwagPilot's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EGPH

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all keeping we’ll during this time.

I’m trying to fine tune my atc skills, and a, currently operating at Dublin (EIDW) on the training server.
I’d appreciate it if anyone stopped by to start or end a flight here, within the next hour or so.

Thanks, Jack



May I suggest you consult the following #tutorials on creating an ATC tracking thread.

You may find a less busy and parallel/intersecting structured airport more useful to your improvement as a controller, instead of Dublin, too. I’d suggest, after changing the format of your thread, heading to airports like Manchester (EGCC) or Shaw Air Force Base (KSSC).



Hey there the title is wrong please write it like this Username Atc tracking thread @N/A


Hey mate! If you are interested in doing more ATC and preparing for IFATC, look no further than making your own thread!

Hope this helps and good luck!

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Oh my… that was quite the response.

@SwagPilot, no need to worry - I’ve done the title part for you, check out the topic that 4 people have kindly linked to understand Tracking Threads more.


Hey Man,

Thanks for the help here hahah, I don’t use the forum often as I’m sure you can tell.

Thanks for the help.

Thanks to everyone who pointed me in the right direction with regards to the thread too!

No problem mate! I’d be happy to stop by right now! I’ll be there in one minute 🙃

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Prepare for some sceptical instructions then 😂

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Sorry I had to leave. I’ll come in a bit if you still open.

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It’s all good boss.

Apologies for the early error haha, I didn’t realise the taxiway ended a little after the GA ramp.

Thanks for stopping by.

It’s good! When clearing me there is no need for after option make left/right traffic. This is only used on a runway change or an inbound plane doing a touch and go

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Back on again if anyone fancies some pattern work or departures to the US and Europe!

Hello 👋

Thanks for the service.

  • You caught me taxiing without permission

  • I taxiied through grass for a bit but you didn’t notice.

  • Good runway exit command

  • Good pattern entry and clearance

Overall good job. I was going to mention about pattern work but @Aviation3 said it above sorty about late feedback 😜

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Hahahha its all good. To be honest I don’t even recall the grass taxi, so my bad there. Thanks for the feedback though!

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Now OPEN at Edinburgh (EGPH). Feel free to stop by, feedback appreciated!

After a while, I am back open at EGPH - Edinburgh. Feel free to stop by!

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