Swag Panama City Photos (KECP)

I don’t post on here a lot, but I thought these were kinda cool I guess…
I had to wait 10 hours at the airport for reasons unknown to me- So I gotta see pretty much every single flight that went in and out of ECP that day… Hope you like them ;)

Got a United ERJ 145 from KIAH

A Delta A321 coming in after a quick 30 minute hop from Atlanta

A PSA American Eagle CRJ900 coming in from Charlotte

Used a Nikon B600 (no lense on it)
I have a few more pictures on my instagram if you want to see them also ;) @_planeography


Just a small correction… That UA E145 probably came from KIAH not KHOU

Shoot sorry, they only come from Intercontinental.💀
I’ll fix that

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Nice photos! Didn’t knew there is an airport called “Panamá City” i thought you took that pics on Panamá

The actual name of the airport is “Northwest Florida Beaches Intl” but it serves primarily Panama City, FL. The city is named after the real, original, one and only Panama City, the capital of Panama, founded more than 500 years ago.

According to the city’s history records: “George Mortimer West is credited with the name. He wanted to spur more real estate in the county, and people were interested in the area thanks to the Panama Canal. If a line was drawn from Chicago to Panama, this city was right on the pathway, hence the name Panama City. The city was also the US mainland’s closest port to the Panama Canal’s Caribbean entrance.”

Explore Panama City History | Dunes of Panama

Errr yes, it is Northwest Florida Beaches Intl., but I just call it Panama City Beach Airport

And thank you :D

I was clarifying the user about this though, @j_asonalk

Nice spotting! I actually went spotting a couple times there too!

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