SWA1997’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSE] @KBZN

Hello, and welcome to @SWA1997 ATC tracking thread!
Current Status: OPEN
Airport: KBZN
Services: [Ground/Tower
Server: Training
Pls come and join me I would like to improve on my skills I would also like to get feedback. I can do pattern work


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SWA1997 ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @ KBWI

Unfortunately I can’t attend this session :(

I’d join but I’m flying so I can’t join…

No worries @nicopizarro and @GBKarp


I am open if anyone is available

I am available @InfiniteFlightDeck

Yeah, just replied to the PM. No need to reply here to :)

No need to close this @SWA1997.

You can edit it again when you open back up!

Really I didn’t know my bad

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I am opening at KSNA
I will accept pattern. Work I want to challenge myself

I can maybe make it in about 10 minutes! You still open?

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Hek yeh lol


I will come after my flight.

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Ok thx @PilotA320

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Heading over right now!

Ok what call sign are u

I spawned in as N1120A, but my game crashed. I’ll be over in a minute…

@SWA1997 Oh sorry, I was the N456EG. Good job!

Sorry about the confusion on takeoff, I forgot to request departure after the line up and wait so I just told you I was remaining in the pattern.

Thx @IFA_Mitch