SWA Pilots Sue Boeing for Missing Pay

SWA pilots are sueing Boeing to compensate for the loss of pay due to the 737 MAX 8 being grounded. This loss of pay is estimated to be 115 million USD. The pilots are claiming that Boeing’s all too familiar fatal design flaw with MCAS “abandoned sound design and engineering practices.” Which they believe is grounds to receive their missing pay from Boeing. What do you think?

  • Boeing should pay SWA pilots their missing pay
  • Boeing does not need to pay SWA pilots their missing pay
  • I don’t have an opinion on this.

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That is unacceptable! Every pilot deserves their pay. That’s like risking your life for free!


It’s unfair that these pilots aren’t getting what they are supposed to. Boeing as an aircraft manufacturer was confident the 737 MAX was a safe aircraft to fly and they were wrong which means loss in money and lives on board those planes and plus pilots who aren’t getting what they are supposed to. It’s Boeing’s responsibility and the ball is in their court to come up with a solution which they haven’t came up with yet. Pilots deserve an answer for this.


I would say Boeing has a lot on their hands right now and it won’t help pressuring them nonstop about one problem that they are fully aware about and trying to fix.


That is very true. Pressure is what led Boeing to make the bad choices in the first place.

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