SWA:DG Hawaii

So here are some photos from back when the swa Hawaii routes were announced last year. Let me know which one you like the most. Photo numbers are arranged from 1-10 top-bottom


So far I like #14 best

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There, now it’s better.

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It wouldnt let me change it unless I restarted. That was weird

Nice photos! I don’t mean to criticize to much by this, but SWA’s technical service to Hawaii has not started yet, and won’t be on a 737-700, because they only have 800’s ETOPS certified


Yes, the -700 in southwests fleet is not ETOPS rated, but the 7th picture is really cool.

I did a Flight last week on a Southwest 737-800S from SJC-HNL. That was awesome and fun to do.

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yes. i know this. but back then i didnt know all that so.

real life or in game? cause if its in real life plz let me know how.,

Not in real life lol, in Infinite Flight. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

The actual real flight won’t take place until like April for SJC and next week for OAK.

Here is my flight here:

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Ok. I thought so but I wasnt sure.