SWA APPR-Your Opinion

So the swa 737 and 738 have auto land on them in game. Yet on my Christmas trip I flew on 4 swa planes and (even though i new it) none of the planes had autoland. I think that the button should be removed or at least disabled in infinite flight for realism. What do yall think?

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Not only will you trigger 50% of the flying community, it’ll also remove the fun of flying it for the people that aren’t as experienced landing the aircraft by themselves. No vote.


I think this is supposed to say ‘ 4 SWA planes’ not sea planes lol but anyway.

Personally, I dont use APPR anymore but you can just ignore it if you want maximum realism. It is there on some 737s IRL but as @Kirito_77 said it was put into IF so the less experienced people could land easier.


Landing the planes is what the tutorials are for. I think it needs to be at least deactivated and it will be on until you hit so many landings in that one plane then its disabled.

If you don’t want it, don’t use it. Ignorance is bliss.


I think I’ve only used APPR once, which was when I tried it when it first came out! If you don’t like it, don’t use it. It’s as simple as that. There’s no need for it to be removed :)


I’m always using APPR if possible and turning it off at short final

I personally think it is necessary. Once I was flying for Southwest Virtual and I was doing a midnight flight from FLL to MCO and to keep realism, I only had 15 passengers. On approach into MCO, I had over 75kts crosswind and very thick fog. Remember this was at nigh also. I ended up using APPR because even with my skill, there was no way I would of made it


It’s nice to have it as an option. If you don’t want to use it, don’t use it. 🙂

Well at that point you probably should have diverted to tampa(I think it is) or miami or fll or done a hold because I wouldnt land in that condition.

Isn’t there a point where auto-land doesn’t work anymore? With that wind…

As I understand it most real life aircrafts have an auto-land feature. So removing it in IF, wouldn’t that lower the realism instead of increase it?

I think I’ve used it three times in total. The joy of flying is in the landing is you ask me…


I do not agree that it should be removed simply because there are going to be times in which you need it to land safely. The same can be said in real life (Cat III) where the aircraft just can’t be landed safely under manual operation.

This is JUST for SWA. That dont have it.

SWA does it without it. Want more realism then remove it from swa aircraft.

One airline’s aircraft is not different than the others. They probably (or definitely, for this matter) use autoland in CAT III conditions. case closed

I only use APPR in terrible CAT II/III conditions, like IRL

I never use it, just because I hate it lol. I tried it once and will never use it again. I would rather use heading hold and vertical speed than the approach mode.

All 737s have CAT III in real life. Airlines cannot opt out.

Unless you’ve been on a Southwest flight with less than 2nm visibility during landing, you don’t know if they have it or not.

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The main reason I don’t use APPR is because im always overweight with fuel. I’m slowly getting better at fuel planning though.

I went into the cockpit.