SVMI dosen't exist

I was flying from LSZH to SVMI. But when the time for landing came, I realized that Maiquetia Simon Bolivar intl airport was gone. Where is it?

There seems to be an issue going on at the moment with the server/scenery. We don’t really know the situation though. Let’s keep the discussion on one post though and put it on this post above. The staff will figure it out eventually, just be patient.

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Hmmm… might have something to do with this:


Read through that to see if it helps

Here are some helpful tips @Sweden:

  • clear scenery cache?
  • look above
  • Restart Device
  • Close app/restart
  • (if all else fails) delete then reinstall app…

It’s likely that your device disconnected from the global server

I did, but it’s still gone.

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I thought that too but I wasn’t.

Global server issue ongoing?
Seems to be part of the problem earlier

Lots of people are having similar issues

After I restarted the app couldn’t load the airport.

Let’s continue this topic here:

They might be related. No need to panic right now

I would first and foremost recommend you go into settings, general, clear scenery cache, and then try to load into the airport again…

I can see the airport now. Strange.


Global sever is down, that is the reason airports are missing, same thing happen to me

This is related to the ongoing issues that the content delivery servers are experiencing. Staff is aware of these issues. Apologies for the inconvenience.