An area consisting of stunning scenery. Not many airports, but certainly a beautiful place to go flying.,+Svalbard+and+Jan+Mayen/@78.5044292,13.0697162,5z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x45a1cfdc4fa3c049:0x2bf373e71b35e875


Looks like a fun landing strip.

Love the small terminal and ramp though-I value that in an airport for some odd reason.

Watch it be ruined by someone with an A380 though -rolls eyes-.

Anyways, I second this


Which aircrafts can land in that airport? It seems like a good zone to make some snow landings.

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Both Norwegian and SAS operate 737’s to Svalbard. So, I’m guessing 737’s and below, just like Aspen.

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SAS and Norwegian departing from Sweden and Norway?

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SAS and Norwegian fly from Oslo to Svalbard, I don’t think they fly from Sweden.

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Looks very cool with a regional plane 😀


Svalbard is a Norwegian island; the flights are from Norway.

Don’t forget to bring your shotgun when you arrive! It’s illegal to be outside without a gun on the island.



A beautiful place, but I would prefer some mainland Scandinavia first. Or global flight with this part of the world included.

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It’s true! There’s so many polar bears on the island that it’s necessary that you go in a group and at least one person in the group has a gun on them!

@Henrik_B are you Dutch?

@Joost3008 he comes from Norway.

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Maybe a wizz a320 can fly there?

But, whaaat??
On the second pic in his post is efrything dutch, can you explane @Henrik_B
Ohh sorry my foult its a mapp and for me it is in Dutch.

Uh… I never knew about that. Sorry folks.

About to issue a suspension for that.

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Global is coming.