Suungx2's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Airport: EGLL
Server: Training server
Time: NOW
Runways: 27s
Approaches: ILS, VIS, RV, GPS

I started radar training days ago, so I want to practice what I learned from the previous training sessions.
If you want to be tagged when I’m open, feel free to request!

This thread is approved by my trainer @Levi_Park


Opened now at EIDW!

S5-BIR - Nice work on the freq. today! Nicely done on the first approach and nice timing on the handoff. Nicely done with the sudden change of runways on the second approach as well!

The only issue was on the second ILS approach for 28L, I received a 20degree intercept heading. best to aim for 30degrees offset of runway heading (310* in this occasion). Nicely done with the handoff!

Thanks for the service 💯

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Maybe slipped finger or sudden change of the heading on D&V screen. Thanks for coming by!

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Closed today.

Opened now @EGLL

You said EGLL (magic word) and im on my way. Wait…🚰

Closed today.

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