Suspicions of Turbulence

iPhone 13 Pro Max:
iOS 16.0:
I noticed that the turbulence seems a bit to strong, I checked radar in DC Airspace and the air seems smooth, care to explain? And also I’ve been noticing the connection with IF seems to be going in and out. I checked my Internet connection and it is running fine. Is this also an error?


The weather in IF is the same as real life. Radar doesn’t show turbulence.

The DC area has had PIREPs of moderate to severe turbulence in real life all day today. IF uses real weather and turbulence conditions.

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Hey there!

Infinite Flight’s weather tracking is outsourced by 3rd parties who provide real-time weather for airspace around the globe. This system is reliable and has been working within Infinite Flight for many years. Obviously, the system’s adjustments will not be pitch-perfect when transitioning through regions. Incremental inconsistencies such as these will just be things we must accept until further notice when they are touched up in future updates (assuming). For now, let’s enjoy the live weather we have and how much it really improves the user experience, with or without these inconsistencies. :)

I included a comment that has already addressed an issue similar to this, and it might further help you understand what I am getting at here. This is something the team is aware of and seems to be working on as time goes on and technological development improves:

I forgot to update my version and it showed heavy turbulence on radar so thanks for that

I also happened to fly through it IRL yesterday and the turbulence is definitely there. Got tossed around a bit