I have noticed lately that I have had a lot of posts flagged and topics closed, because of this does that mean I am close to suspension or banning?

Hey Juan! I’d recommend taking a look at this: Forum Suspension Table

The topic goes over what you can receive suspensions for and what it will look like leading up to a suspension (i.e. a warning).


With the situation you’re mentioning, you’d be warned according to the suspension table if the mods think that action is needed. Continuous issues will eventually lead up to suspensions.


It could, I don’t think there is a defined point where you cross the line, but just try to not repeat mistakes. Once you get dangerously close the mods should give you a heads up, but that’s not to say don’t think about what you say till you get that message.


Okay, so I’d better up my game.

I wouldn’t call the IFC a game, it’s not a competition. Just be helpful and think before you post. “Is this needed?” “Is this beneficial to the topic” “Was this post already made?” This is the mindset we need from new and old users.


I don’t mean it like a game, I just mean try harder to be better.

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Here’s my advice-

You’ve reached the first step of changing your interaction-

  1. Recognition of said behavior. You are aware and are concerned about the amount of closures and flags you’ve received. It’s good that you’ve reached this step.

Now, aim for step two!

  1. Improve your interactions! Before clicking that post button, take a second to think. Will my post contribute to the community? Can I google this question? Is my post better suited for a PM instead of creating a new topic or reply? Asking yourself these questions will help you become a better contributor to and member of this awesome community.

Great advice, thanks.

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Perfect response! Great start right here Juan