Suspension definition?

Hello everyone, the community guidelines are very well enforced but I can’t help notice certain areas that are slipping or softened some could even call it a bit of bias towards certain people. Hate speech lately Has become a huge topic and also a huge problem mainly towards the LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 community this is under the category Misconduct 5 and should not be taken likely as sometimes people who associate themselves under the community can already find themselves in a difficult position with people constantly bullying them and using Hate speech as a main weapon.

The reason I’m confused is how these people can be banned for Misconduct 5 and a community of people stand up saying they’ll leave the community until these people return.

My word to you is grow up if someone uses Hate speech against anyone in this community you shouldn’t be welcome back and This angers me to see somehow these people are back with no (‼️‼️) given I don’t think this should be allowed and that’s why I created this topic because everyone else who was suspended stayed suspended so why have the rules slipped?

This is the current suspension table and gives a clear guideline on what’s expected and remember to read everything.

So please feel free to PM me all your anger and to everyone on this forum we accept you for who you are and what you believe!!

I believe this’ll be closed in the next five minutes but these are my words towards the community


You are definitely correct this is horrible that people do this and it needs to stop this isn’t what the community is for.

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Well, the moderators had a reason to unsuspend said users. This was a move by them or any admins. Users can’t unsuspend themselves, so there must be some inside reason to this that we don’t know about since it is strictly confidential.


So your telling me if I message someone and attack them for what they stand for or define themselves as I can expect to be back in the community tomorrow?


It depends if I caught someone doing this I’d put an end to it


I never stated anything related to that. That info was more upper surface. You don’t just get unsuspended.

I stated that we don’t know what was going on behind the scenes. We just know the upper surfaces, but there were more behind the scenes stuff going on that made the admins and mods give said users a second chance.


Yeah maybe I don’t know what the mods did about it but I know what people had been saying and I’m not singling out one case either

The users you are referring to were discussing in PM. Though I do not stand by anything they said in the PM, they worked it out with the moderators and it was resolved.

The point is, we only saw the very top surface with a few messages and reasons getting leaked. But the case is deeper. Way deeper. For example, we never saw any parts of the conversation between said subjects and the mods/admins on the process of getting re-welcomed back to the community. That was the deeper part of the case we have no idea about.


Was this hate speech going on a post or was it private messaged to people just so I understand

I believe that people who wrong-do in terms of speaking hate, harassment and discrimination towards a a group of people, may receive a second chance.

I understand your thoughts, I see what you’re talking about, I too am critical towards what has happened but, if one wishes to apologize and actually do turn their behavior around for the better and learn from their past then they should be allowed back to continue be a part of the community, this time knowing that they cannot say whatever they wish just because they feel that way.

It’s a sensitive topic to cover but shortly said, they shouldn’t be excluded if they do wish to change their way of behaving and talking to and about a certain group of people. But if they break the rules again, then that’s a different story. Because in life you’ll all sorts of people and you quite frankly can’t block out all people from appearing in you life, whom has a negative view on a group of individual.

I hope you understand what I’m saying, I do respect what you’re saying. It’s a valid point that I would stand by too. But many factors needs to be taken into count.


I also believe in second chances.
I don’t believe in bad people. I do believe in bad choices tho.

Thank you I appreciate that your taking both accounts into consideration

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Second chances are very nice.

The thing is, if we go strictly with just the suspension table, the first offense of Misconduct 5 is a permanent suspension. There is no second chance if we go strictly by the suspension table posted by the mods/admins themselves.

Now, regarding the case, we will never know if the user was given a second chance or if there was an appeal that was accepted. That’s why the mods or admins decided to unsuspend the user (for whichever one of the reasons or a completely different reason).


Well, the thing about PMs is that they should remain private, hence the name (Private Message), no matter if it’s on the IFC, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. However, the topics discussed weren’t appropriate either.

I don’t really get what your point is? I never said that PM’s aren’t meant to be private?

The point I was trying to make was that they were suspended over something (inappropriate) discussed in a PM.

But the PM was within this community itself. And PMs can be flagged

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I see your point. Second chance is a very kind thing to receive. I would personally speaking think that a appeal of suspension is the same as given a second chance. These are probably given out very selectively, if there is a definitive reason.

The Mods and Staff knows how to handle this and what they decide to do of course has been weighed before a final decision takes place.

When giving out second chances, one is really allowing the recipient to get back into the community and from there choose their path to walk. I believe that if a human truly wishes to change themselves for the better, then should be allowed to do so, but if that chance to change is misused by faulty actions then that’s the price they have to pay is what follows.

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Well I get that the PMs are within the community, but they’re still meant to be private. I understand the point you’re trying to make though, the PMs are within the IFC and such topics are forbidden within it.